The Carbon



That morning, Daphne's biggest challenge in life had been seducing the farmer's daughter. Now, after being kidnapped by slavers, surviving the crash of their flying machine, and being stranded with only a monkey for company, she may have found her utopia under the ice.

If The Carbon doesn't get her.

Length: 9,500 words

ISBN: 978-0-9869048-9-9


Author Notes

This story was inspired by being banned from the Absolute Write forums for pointing out that people were posting claims about 'global warming' from a document which had been demonstrated to be fake. I wanted to write a story about the absurdity of the whole 'global warming' movement and setting it in the future of the 2070 universe where a new ice age is beginning seemed like a good idea.

In addition, we were having a discussion on another forum about the perils of writing stories with non-heterosexual protagonists, so I decided to make mine a lesbian for this one. Which actually worked to a large extent since it fits with the theme of people being ostracised for telling the truth.

Technically it's also a prequel to 'The Thing', which may be the first 2070 novel published even though it's not the first I wrote.