Petrina cover


It's New Year's Eve, 2091. Party time at the Heavenly Retreat space habitat, The Sleaziest Place In The Solar SystemTM.

The crew of the space freighter Big Momma think they've found an easy job, carrying cargo from the Heavenly Retreat to the backwater asteroid of Petrina. But life is never easy around the kind of passengers willing to pay for a cabin on their ship.

Hell's Gate cover

Hell's Gate

Uncle Howard went looking for Hell. No-one imagined he might find it.

Short Stories

One That Got Away cover

The One That Got Away

My uncle has told some tall tales in his time, but this one is a whopper. Time travel, aliens and fishing on Europa?

4,000 word short story.


Endless Love cover

Endless Love

Cara has two problems. Bob the rugby-playing accountant wants to marry her, but Geoff the mad scientist whose inventions are going to make him rich and famous one day doesn’t.

Fortunately Geoff’s new invention might solve both problems at once.

SF short story, approx 4,000 words.



Petrina cover

2070 Universe

The universe where many of my stories are set. Expect plenty of short stories and novels there in the next few years.

Final Contact cover

The Future

Far future high-tech space opera. Expect plenty of short stories and novels there in the next few years.

Area 52: Arrival cover

Area 52

When Ron Durston is called up for National Service, all he wants is to be posted somewhere sunny like Tahiti or Weymouth where he can fraternise with the native girls and come home with a medal or two to impress the local girls. Instead he finds himself standing guard in Ass-End, Yorkshire where the winter is cold, the native girl is invisible, the Nazis haven't accepted that the war is over and the local wildlife includes a large furry creature with big teeth and a doll fixation.

Stories from a parallel universe where every supernatural or conspiracy story you ever heard happens to be true.

Space Weasels cover

Dirk Beretta

Once the poster boy for the Space Marines, Dirk Beretta quit after the Space Weasels killed most of his battalion at the Battle of Din Bin Foo... then served them for lunch with a nice Merlot. Now he makes a living as a galaxy-spanning trouble-shooter and playboy.