Area 52



When Ron Durston is called up for National Service, all he wants is to be posted somewhere sunny like Tahiti or Weymouth where he can fraternise with the native girls and come home with a medal or two to impress the local girls. Instead he finds himself standing guard in Ass-End, Yorkshire where the winter is cold, the native girl is invisible, the Nazis haven't accepted that the war is over and the local wildlife includes a large furry creature with big teeth and a doll fixation.

Short stories in a parallel universe where every supernatural or conspiracy story you ever heard happens to be true.


Author Notes

I'm not quite sure where this idea came from. Last year I wrote a short scene about a National Serviceman in the 1950s standing out in the cold guarding a military base for reasons he didn't understand where the officers didn't even trust him with any bullets in case he shot someone. When I began thinking about why he might be doing that, I began to wonder about a British version of the infamous 'Area 51' where the Americans supposedly keep crashed UFOs and all kinds of other conspiracy theory nonsense

Then I thought about what might happen if every crazy idea or conspiracy theory was true, and began to sketch out some stories. I'm intending to write several short stories, and possibly a novel or two later.