The 2070 universe goes back a long way, to a game that I created while I was at high school. It has changed and expanded a lot since, and I don't think there's really anything left of the original concept other than the name.

What really has changed is the unexpectedly slow pace of development in space exploration. As a result, while the main events of the game happened in and around 2070, the main story line of the stories begins around 2090 and continues until the 25th century. Due to the vagaries of schedules and deadlines, the first story happens to be near the end of the timeline, and the first novel released may be too.

In part this was driven by dissatisfaction with so many science fiction worlds of the future, which were just like America of the 80s but with ray-guns and space ships. In the real world we can already see that surveillance technology is capable of monitoring everyone in a manner which makes 1984 look tame, yet you don't see that in Star Trek because the Federation is too nice to do it.


The Carbon cover

The Carbon

That morning, Daphne's biggest challenge in life had been seducing the farmer's daughter. Now, after being kidnapped by slavers, surviving the crash of their flying machine, and being stranded with only a monkey for company, she may have found her utopia under the ice.

If The Carbon doesn't get her.

A 9,500 word tale of lesbians, monkeys and global warmingcooling.

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It's New Year's Eve, 2091. Party time at the Heavenly Retreat space habitat, The Sleaziest Place In The Solar SystemTM.

The crew of the space freighter Big Momma think they've found an easy job, carrying cargo from the Heavenly Retreat to the backwater asteroid of Petrina. But life is never easy around the kind of passengers willing to pay for a cabin on their ship.