Death To Democracy

Death To Democracy Cover


When Royalist revolutionaries on the Planet Of The Squid hatch a plan to replace the democratic government with moronic monarchy, Dirk Beretta faces a difficult choice: can he kill his new drinking buddy to save democracy?

Length: 9,000 words

ISBN: 978-1-927549-18-6

DriveThru Fiction

Author Notes

Dirk Beretta was a character I invented some years ago in a writing example for a web forum, but somehow he just seemed to stick. I liked the idea of the tough, but not terribly smart, ex-space marine who had been inducted in some wacky religion by a crazy cult leader, fighting space weasels.

A version of this story was originally published under a pen-name. When I first released it I thought I should keep the funny SF stories separate to the more serious stories I’ve been writing under this name, but I later decided I should really keep them all together. So I’ve tweaked and edited the original versions and I’m re-releasing them under my name.